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20 Uses For Essential Oils

I love incorporating essential oils into my daily routine. There are infinite ways to use oils for both aromatic and therapeutic purposes! I thought I would sit and put together a list of my top ways that I like to use essential oils. I ended up with 20 different ideas! Hopefully this gives you some ideas on new ways to use them.

  1. Use as purefume on the body - put a drop on each of your 16 pulse points. To extend the life of your aroma - put directly on skin when wet!

  2. Blend essential oils in roller ball together for a customized aroma

  3. Customize your favorite fragrance with an few drops of essential oil for a twist

  4. Place on the scalp before brushing hair - if desired place directly on hair brush

  5. Add essential oils into shampoo in the shower to give the scalp a treat. Rosemary and lavender a great options!

  6. Freshen the bath - place in bathwater directly

  7. Use as underarm deodorant (patchouli, lavender, neroli)

  8. Use to deodorize the feet - apply directly to soles

  9. Customize foot baths - 4-7 drops to warm water with epsom salts and soak

  10. Place in jacuzzi for extra relaxation

  11. Customize massage oil for an aromatic massage

  12. Create mixture of water/essential oils to spray on the body for freshening mist on linens, car, etc.

  13. Customize facial steamer with essential oils for ultimate luxury

  14. Customize facial cleansers, shaving products, body lotion

  15. Freshen linens (hats, mittens, boots, scarves) I like to place a reusable cotton round with essential oils in boxes of linens/clothes that I am packing away for the season. Helps prevent stale smells and also keeps away bugs.

  16. Place a drop of essential oils in kitchen sink and drains to freshen and prevent funky smells

  17. Drops of oil on tissue or cotton ball and place inside drawers and closets to freshen linens, pillow cases, etc

  18. Use in essential oil diffuser

  19. Freshen laundry - apply oils to damp cloth and put in dryer

  20. Freshen potpourri - add a few drops as needed

When using essential oils choose and organic oil if you can. Double check and see if your essential oil has been diluted already with a carrier oil. Be careful with using essential oils pre mixed with a carrier oil around fabrics etc. Sometimes the carrier oil could stain your fabrics - especially if you are creating your own mists etc. Some of my favorite brands of essential oils are Aura Cacia, Doterra, and oils from Bulk Apothecary.

Please reach out with questions and thoughts! I would love to hear how you use essential oils.

In Health,


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