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Simple Hair Washing Steps

Updated: Jan 16

Healthy skin on our scalp is a result of good hair care and treatment products. Hair washing is just as important to maintaining the health of the scalp as cleansing is to maintain health of the skin on the face.

I want to share a few simple steps for hair washing to keep the scalp healthy...

  1. Use a natural bristle brush to gently brush hair from ends all the way up to the roots. Really brush letting the tips of the bristles rub on your scalp for a light massage. This will help stimulate circulation and blood flow, while distributing the scalps naturally produced oils.

Hop in the shower, wet your hair with warm water (not hot!)

2. Apply a teaspoon size amount of your favorite shampoo into your palms, work into a lather, and then apply product to scalp. Starting at the top of the forehead massaging down towards the top of the head and back of the skull. Spend 2-3 minutes working shampoo into the scalp.

3. Once the shampoo is distributed and worked over the entire scalp run your fingers through your hair to rake the lather of shampoo from your roots all the way down to the tip.

4. Rinse thoroughly until the water is clean. Follow up with your favorite conditioner or hair mask.

As far as how much to shampoo - this depends on your skin - specifically how much oil your glands on your scalp produce and your personal preference on hair texture and styling. For the average person shampooing 2-3 times weekly is good.

Lastly, as far as what shampoo to use. To each there own. As an Licensed Esthetician with a focus on sensitive skin treatment - I am always going to prioritize choosing organic and fragrance free when possible. Truly though at the end of the day, whatever shampoo and conditioner products you like is a personal choice.

As always, if you have questions about skin health or skin care products please reach out via email at or calling our office 330-442-5695.

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